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Tilbud til de interesserede
21. may - 10:00 PM

Vi mangler hjælpere, som vil give én hel dags arbejde, mod at få gratis træning, resten af lejren...
Dette er din chance for at spare 900-1000 kr. (pris for lejr med træning) mod at arbejde én hel dag som hjælper på lejren.

Lyder det interessant? Kontakt Jesper på info@taekwondocamp.dk for yderligere information.

Er du allerede tilmeldt, men er alligevel interesseret i hjælperrabatten, så kontakt Jesper på info@taekwondocamp.dk

Men skynd dig... Der er kun begrænsede pladser, og vi reserverer i den rækkefølge tilmeldingerne kommer ind.

Extended period for discount
3. may - 3:00 PM

Still discount 200 DKK.
Due to some difficulties with money transfer to Summer Camp account, we have decided to extend the period for camp enrollment at the prize of 800 DKK. , untill Monday, May 15.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and ask you to contact us immediately if you experience difficulties with bank transfer.

Stil discount at May 2nd.
30. april - 4:00 PM

Due to the fact, that the 1. of May is a sunday, when most banks are closed, the deadline for registration with discount, will be postponed to Monday, May 2nd. Therefore, registration and payment on May 2nd, will still be at a discounted rate.

Sign up

We have made a step- by-step guide with pictures, this should make the registration as easy as possible.

Registration is now available.


Apply "Club ID" and "Participant ID" when making bank transfer. Otherwise we can not see who has paid.

See the sign up manual as PDF format

Welcome at the greatest Taekwondo event this year

The Danish Taekwondo Federation Official Summercamp is held 9th. to 15th. July 2016 in Viborg, Denmark.
On these pages you read more about the Instructors, activities, accomodation, courses, events etc.
The team of Instructors this year represents the absolute elite. Read more about each Instructor at the Instructor page.

Bring your family

Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. There is a lot of historical sites in the area. Together with the municipality in Viborg and the tourist board we have prepared a tour-guide to explore the many special and historical sites. You can read more at the page "Activities"

Follow the latest development and latest activities as they are planned

you can follow every step in the planning of the summer camp in 2016 right up to the camp start on these pages.
You can even join with Likes and comments on https://www.facebook.com/taekwondocamp2016/ (please share

Some key points

  • Top instructors
  • Many activities
  • Lots of training
  • Various courses
  • Huge tent area
  • Meals every day
  • Worldclass Show
  • team competition for all